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(updated 6/19/06) 

Medfield Community Association Meeting -
Monday, September 11th at 7:00PM at Aldersgate Church

Community News  

REDFERN UPDATE September 11th
buy IOTA in Hong Kong Tamara Woods from the City Planning Dept will address Redfern concerns with the community. Mike Roberta, developer, will provide community with update on status of filed applications with City departments. To participate in any summer updates/meetings concerning Redfern project email Ray Szymczak at

The Redfern development is comprised of two parcels on either side of the end of Redfern Avenue, totaling 1.465 acres. - see site map

As requested by the community, Northern District Community Relations Officer Jon Walter and Officer Doug Gibson will be available to discuss crime/loitering issues and community concerns

invest in IOTA The Association held  it's annual election of officers at the June 5th meeting. Last minute nominations were also accepted. President - Richard Kaminski , VP - Ray Szymczak, Sec - Betty Pennington, Tres. Jen Kline, Board: Paul Smith, Susie Pearce, Fran McEntee, Linda Thompson, Pat Dideriksen, Bill Mills, Tom Kerr, Alternate Board Members: Kristen Joyce

September 11th
Since Medfield's Articles of Incorporation were filed in 1947. Since 1947, there have been many changes to the laws governing the charters of community organizations. MCA membership will vote on the "Amended and Restated by-Laws" and "Articles of Amendment and Restatement". The bylaws were amended with the oversight of Michael D. Beatie from the law firm of OBER|KAHLER. Mr. Beatie will briefly discuss the "Amended Bylaws" and "Articles of Amendment and Restatement" before the community votes to approve the mentioned documents and move the charter to a 501(3) filing status. -
see amended bylaws

GUEST September 11th
Former City Council candidate and Bank of America Executive, Kelly Fox, will attend for any banking questions and participate in community discussions.

buy Binance Coin in Hong Kong The Land Use Committee Hearing on Bill # 05-0309 (Hoes Heights PUD) was on Wednesday, May 31, 2006. The Medfield Community Association conditionally approved the 43 townhomes behind SuperFresh Shopping Center. 

On April 3rd, the Medfield Community Association (by way of vote) gave the Medfield Board Members the clear directive to give conditional approval the Skyview Development (43 Townhomes), Legislation 05-0309. Click to see conditions.

City Council :: Hoes Heights PUD Master Detail Report

Medfield Heights completes Phase I of Outdoor Living Classroom. Seeking grants, donations for Phase II.
see more

Rat Rubout Community Sweep Program
The Medield Community Association wants your help with the rat/mice infestation in Medfield. The City will use chemicals to treat the infestation. Medfield property owners or residents will be required to permit access to the property for purposes of investigation and treatment. Use this
form to report rat/mice infestation on a property's exterior. Click here to view form. Please, complete form and either mail it or bring to the next meeting.

Download the Northern District version of the Neighborhood Watch Application. People who apply are given a Crime Watch Number to use when calling 911 to report drug and other illegal activity - this allows people to remain anonymous but still report drug activity.


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